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5 Reasons To Choose Vaping Over Cigarettes

Have you ever thought about quitting cigarettes? There are many different reasons to quit ranging from saving money to enjoying a longer life. So, let’s look at a few reasons why you should choose vaping over that soft pack of Newport’s. Check out the various options that are usually available at a local vapes Australia shop.

Saving money

Cigarettes cost money! The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Australia ranges from 48.7 AUD for Winfield pack of 25 and 66.40 AUD for Longbeach pack of 40. Now image if you smoke two packs each costing $15 a day that AUD 450 a month, can you imagine what you can save in a year if you give up just one pack a day? That’s AUD 5,400 a year just from that ONE pack a day obsession.

Now let’s look at vaping. The average cost of vaping per month is between AUD 103 to AUD 122. That means your roughly spending AUD 3.40 a day, which calculates out to AUD 1,236 a year. So, if you choose to vape over smoking cigarettes you would save an average of AUD 964 a year.

So, if this alone is enough of a reason you may want to check out vape Australia for their very reasonably prices liquids and vaping devices and use the extra money to start planning next summer’s trip!

The smell of smoke

Are you tired of people telling you that you smell like smoke? A lot of times smokers can no longer smell the difference because they have been around the toxic burning tobacco for so long it gets caught in their clothes and hair.

With vapes the great news is that your clothes house car and your clothes wont smell like smoke. Vaping does have an aroma but it’s a long way from the smell of smoke. Even tobacco vapes do not smell like burning tobacco. The great news is that there are different flavors that range from pineapple to grape, and with vape Australia the choices never end. So with a AUD 20 budget you can be sure to vape away with a plethora of vape flavors and never smell like tar and tobacco.

Improving lung function

Three ways to tell a smoker from a nonsmoker are wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. When you smoke your lungs are working overtime to fill up with air because the air that you are in taking has been filled with the toxic smells of burning tobacco.

Vapes are different because there is no combustion in vaping. Which means there is no smoke, and that is what creates the tar that leads to long term health issues from smoking.

Control over nicotine intake

Smoking cigarettes gives you a set nicotine intake of 10 to 12 mg per cig. This can vary widely from on brand to the next. This high intake of nicotine can also make it very difficult to quit smoking because there is no way to decrease the amount gradually in each cig.

Vaping gives you full control over how much nicotine you want to intake. E-juice is available in many different strengths, ranging from nicotine free to high strength. There for this concept helps aid in the slow decline or even not using any, while still being able to smoke.

Instant satisfaction

Smoking cigarettes that have a high nicotine level may leave you with a 30 min buzz at the max. however as you come down you can feel dizziness, increased concentration, and a possible head rush.

Although there are vapes that may require being put together there are some vapes that com ready to use. Either way taking a hit is as simple as pushing a button or drawing on the device. While all vapes, need charged batteries and juice to work the average vape can last you throughout the day. With no hard work or effort to put forth.

So, this brings us to the final conclusion. Vaping has better benefits of smoking cigarettes. So, the next time you find yourself wanting to grab a pack stick your head into a vape shop and inquire about the brands and products that are available and see if it’s worth giving it a try. Happy vaping.

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