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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 23/04/2024 in Business

Circle8 UtilizesAdvanced Technology for Establishing ESG and Change the Debate on Single Use Plastics

Perth, Western Australia – April22, 2024 –Establishing environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies are a prime concern for companies to demonstrate the sustainability of the business to consumers, stockholders and the world at large. Circle8, owned by Mark and Megan Grogan, is usingefficient and affordable advanced technology to innovate that process.

For companies to make responsible decisions, ESG identifies opportunities and non-financial risks in day-to-day operations. Circle8 enables companies to accomplish ESG with smart bins. A great number of plastics can be repurposed of which people aren’t aware.Circle8 technology is focused on capturing data on plastics. The material is flooding oceansand landfills.Plastics emit microplastic residue as they decomposethat’s found in people, animals, soil and water, despite intensive recycling awareness campaigns.

Circle8’s SaaS technology utilizes smart bins equipped with an ultra-low powered AI system,advanced cybersecurity measures, and privacy protection. The technology allows clients to know when the smart bin is full, who opens the bin, and when its full. Smart bins enable Circle8 to track the waste truck and ensure it arrives at the appropriate facility for recycling, composting, or for reuse of the materials.

The innovative solution supports a circular economy, while providing transparency to the entire process to establish ESG. It’s also a unique way to facilitate deposit returns systems.Approximately 84 percent of plastic waste currently ends up in landfills.

The Circle8 innovation enables companies to disrupt container deposit systems. Companies may also choose to use alternative products and packaging such as glass bottles, bee’s wax wrap or bamboo.The Circle8 technology addresses the problem of plastic waste at a critical point in its life cycle.Each company receive valuable insightsthat enables it to take action toward improved sustainability. The technology provides consumers and employeeswith a real-time connection to brand awareness, enabling them to make more sustainable decisions.

The Circle8 innovation represents a new era in sustainability and it assists companies in establishing ESG policies. Very little power is required for the smart bins and ensures that plastics arrive at the proper destination for reuse. The technology has the ability to change the way companies operate and the consumer perspective on plastic waste.


About Circle8

In the dynamic realm of start-ups, innovation is not just a buzzword, it’s a guiding principle for those who seek to address pressing global challenges. Mark and Mean Grogan, the visionary foundersof Circle8, embody this spirit having embarked on a mission to transform the landscape of single-use plastics.Connect with Circle8 on LinkedIn.


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