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Posted By Outdoor Living Direct Pty Ltd on 19/04/2024 in Feature

Common causes of injury that might lead you to a physio

Often when a person hurts themselves when working out or doing a sport, the initial thought is how is that possible? People blame things like not stretching enough, not sleeping enough, sleeping at an awkward angle, or even getting old! In fact, for more than three-quarters of injuries, there are four main causes. Seeing a physio, West Perth can not only treat an injury it can help identify causes and prevent them. Here is a look at what those four main causes are.


Personal life stressors

It is surprising how much of an impact the stress in your life and the head space you are in can have on whether you are more likely to injure yourself. Things like exam time, having a work deadline, and going through something personal like a divorce or a loss are all situations that can cause you to be in a place where you're more likely to injure yourself. Seeing a physio North Perth can help recover from those injuries but you also need to learn how to manage stress or lower the risk during significant emotional times.


Having enough energy

Your health can affect your energy levels and that means you are more at risk of injury. Things like hydration and nutrition are important parts of training that should not be neglected. They need to properly meet the demands you are placing on yourself. Just because your diet is balanced and healthy does not mean you are eating enough to give you the energy levels you need for your level of activity. 


Allowing enough recovery time

There should be a time in your training to just recover. Not every day has to be loaded. You also need to ensure you are getting plenty of sleep as that is when the body and the mind recover and regenerate. Having a poor sleeping pattern, or no recovery time will lead to making mistakes and sub-optimal performance and recovery.


Proper planning for training and load management 

When you are not planning load and training carefully there is more of a chance of injury. A physio West Perth can offer some advice on this, but you also need to consider talking to a professional if you want to do this to the best of your ability. It can be something as simple as people having a good training session and then deciding to add a few more reps which can lead to overload and injury. Or it might be having too many intense sessions back to back.



The rest of the injury risk comes from a person’s individual mechanistic factors. This factors in things like genetics, biomechanics and anatomy. These things are a lot harder to change. But if you look at the above four things and work with an experienced physio North Perth you can lower the number of injuries you deal with, and recover quicker when they happen.



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