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Digital Marketing for a B2B Buyer

Digital Marketing for a B2B Buyer

A B2B Buyer looks at multiple options to improve his prospects including expanding his horizons by making his merchandise and wares ever attractive, looking for suppliers and vendors so that he can increase his profits and increase his bargaining power, add new product lines as  a growth strategy by extending his products portfolio and assortments, offer better and innovative products and widen the choices that he offers to his customers with a vast collection and better pricing, Click here for more information

Digital Marketing is an ammunition to Marketers who can reach out and can be reached out for bettering their business prospects, market understand, assess developments, take quick and informed decisions, ride smoothly without being bogged down with hurdles like social disturbances, government restrictions, market slowdown, product slowdown, upcoming technological advancements, etc., 

Let us discuss how a B2B Buyer can benefit from digital marketing and advertising.

Role of a B2B Buyer

A B2B Buyer knows what he wants and focuses on them. Here are some of his digital marketing expectations and objectives.

  • He constantly looks for good and more suppliers to offset demand-supply gap and improve his products at his warehouse.
  • He strives to increase his products range so that he can upsell to his existing customers and find new buyers.
  • He wants to grab the marketing opportunities ahead of his competitors, catch hold of the best of products available in the market and present better offerings to the market.
  • He constantly negotiates better deals with umpteen number of vendors, importers, manufacturers and stockists.
  • He wants to ensure that he gets market information first and foremost so that he can take advantage of trends and changing market scenarios, improving market conditions, increased awareness, technological advancements, innovations and political conditions. He wants to adjust to changes, adopt and subject himself to government legislations and rules, capitalise and use government relaxations, incentives, tax rebates, monetary support, grant of loans, etc. So, he wants streaming and filtered data to act upon from credible sources as well as the grapevine. 

Buying process of a B2B Buyer

  • He buys from multiple sources - ecommerce stores, b2b trade platforms, niche directories and publications, apps and online platforms, links from blogs, news and media websites, through his advertisements, importers, leads and reference websites.
  • He wants to increase his buying channels to get better products at better rates and at better times.
  • Being a B2B Buyer on the one edn, on the other he is a Seller too. His branding and promotional efforts give him back-to-back benefits both on the buyer and the seller point of view. With a great reputation and good online presence, he is able to source better products, striking better deals and also sell hands down without having to find his potential buyers. He can create himself a ready and fast growing market or biyer base that he can just source and sell his products without much lead time to sell his stock.
  • His growing brand equity enables him to vertically and horizontally get into new verticals without much fanfare and marketing blitzkrieg.
  • With continuous promotions and strong online branding, he will be able to attract new investors in case of his plans to expand his business multifold. Build a strong online brand with the Best seo Agency Sydney.
  • A strong brand is an asset that he can sell when he wants to if he so intends to move on with retirement, new ventures, sell out and settle, etc. Click here for more information.

Relevance of Digital Marketing for the B2B Buyer

  • The B2B Buyer has to constantly upgrade his knowledge about his industry/trade and products for certain things such as offers, news, technologies, product uses, advantages, government notifications.
  • Insight into the market and products helps him to plan his business growth and sell his products better.
  • Through sensible use of keywords, he can attract manufacturers and suppliers of niche products that have huge marketing opportunities and sell them with less competition or no competition for a very high Return On Investment (ROI). 
  • Now, the whole world is the sourcing market. Digital Marketing allows the B2B Buyer to get global suppliers to reach out to him without his efforts to find and reach out to them. This saves/reduces his sourcing time avoiding unnecessary travelling, searching and calling up vendors to find good suppliers in every category.

How does a B2B Buyer profit from Digital Marketing?

  • He is able to attract good suppliers.
  • He gets the latest and good products from new suppliers.
  • He avails super good deals if he is able to have multiple suppliers.
  • He increases his products by widening his portfolio of products.
  • Being the first and early entrant to the market for certain products, he can sweep the sales.
  • He can create a unique identity that he offers the best products and innovative products faster than his counterparts and dependable to get such products.
  • He gets a reputation that possesses a good knowledge about his products, business, trade and industry.


Digital Marketing is here to stay and it is for everyone irrespective of whether someone sells or buys or into non-profit organization. Digital Marketing works best for those who will execute digital marketing in such a way to fulfill his deep-held ambitions and dreams knowing fully what digital marketing is capable of and what to expect of it.

Digital Marketing works in two ways and the results are dependent on these two factors. One, the Digital Marketer, and the other, Target Audience. The Digital Marketer has the ability to control his campaign budget, message, campaign timing, choice of platforms, choice of targeting locations and demographics, and the duration/period of the promotional campaign. So, he has got more things that he has control over than those things not having control over. 

Among the few things that the digital marketer has no control over include the target audience’s reactions and decisions. So, as a digital marketer, create fabulous content that impacts and excites your audience.  It doesn't really matter what you buy or sell, you will succeed.

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