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Jackson Dwellings is Dedicated to a Home Build That’s an Enjoyable Experience

Having a custom dream house built to exacting specifications requires knowledge, expertise and experience. Jackson Dwellings is a luxury home builder that understands the frustration that individuals can encounter and has created a process that makes the entire build a more enjoyable experience.

Poor quality materials, hidden fees, long build times, and lack of communication are the most common complaints that individuals have in regard to their home construction. Registered Builder, Cameron Jackson, eliminates those problems and can help individuals look into the future and anticipate needs that may not exist yet.

The home builder Macedon Ranges builds homes within 10 months of the date the building permit is issued and provides a 7-year structural warranty. Fixed price quotes with no hidden costs have earned the builder an exemplary reputation, along with its dedication to weekly communication with clients throughout the entire building process.

Technology and potential features for inclusion in a home continues to change and evolve. There are dozens of details that individuals don’t even consider. Jackson Dwellings leave nothing to chance. The builder Macedon Ranges can assist individuals plan everything from shelf depth to the direction that doors swing. The builders can help clients plan for child-friendly homes to those that are safe and convenient for older adults.

Jackson Dwellings is also the creator of the innovative One-to-One Display software. The software enables clients to take a walk-through of their home to see what their completed project will look like virtually or in 3D, before construction even begins. The revolutionary method by the Gisborne builder has been featured in multiple media outlets.

Jackson Dwellings is committed to providing clients with an enjoyable building experience. The company has built an exemplary reputation based on honesty, integrity, inclusiveness and communication. The boutique builder believes that realizing the dream of a custom home or even a renovation should be completed with alacrity and to the highest possible standards.

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Since our launch in 2010, we’ve been dedicated to building luxury homes of exceptional quality, with a focus on excellent workmanship, open client communication and unrivaled professionalism. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.


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