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Kinima Physio Injury Prevention Programs Reduce Risk, Enhance Performance

People engaged in sports and related activities understand that they may sustain injuries while perusing their passion. Most people are surprised to learn that they can actually reduce the potential for injuries with an injury prevention program at Kinima Physio.

Any type of injury can side-line a player. Depending on the type of injury and its severity, it can result in long-lasting effects that can even permanently prevent individuals from playing. In addition to the physical impact, injuries can affect mental and emotional well-being. Sitting on the side-lines can cause people to experience depression, frustration, and loss of motivation that makes rehabilitation and recovery more difficult.

Individuals that have experienced a previous injury are at a greater risk of sustaining another. The physio Subiaco professionals can use that information to create a custom program of exercises to address any imbalances of strength, mobility, function and control. The program can even be delivered via a mobile app so they can be performed at home.

Kinima Physio sports-specific programs are available for children and adults for soccer, AFL, netball and rugby. Running assessments are an important tool for detecting dysfunctional movement patterns that contribute to injuries. Specific physio Wembley therapies can then be prescribed to correct the problem for improved performance.

A Pilates exercise program excels at building body awareness that aids in averting injury. The controlled movements build endurance, core strength and balance, while improving muscle tone and flexibility. The exercises can be performed on a mat using bodyweight and devices such as resistance bands or on specialized equipment. It also increases bone density and improves posture.

Physio Leederville injury prevention programs and therapies at Kinima Physio are of great benefit to recreational and elite athletes, but they’re equally advantageous for people that engage in leisure time activities ranging from hiking, rollerblading or horseback riding. The therapies are especially beneficial for seniors that are also at increased risk for injuries.

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At Kinima Physio, we integrate clinical excellence with a unique client experience to create a local health movement that empowers as many people as possible. With 25 years of combined experience in the physiotherapy and health industries, including elite sports and orthopaedics, we offer the latest evidence-based treatment programs to instill clarity and understanding, restore function and confidence, and drive high performance. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.


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