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Preparing For New Turf Installation

Preparing your soil for the installation of your Kikuyu turf Sydney based is an important step in seeing that lawn grow and thrive. People sometimes choose to do it themselves thinking it is easy and nothing can go wrong and then make common mistakes and have to have it redone professionally. Here is an outline of what it involves.


Starting out


  1. Spay the area with an effective weed killer to get rid of any vegetation still there or to remove any of the lawn still there.
  2. Just digging out the vegetation on the plot is not enough as some grasses and weeds go down deep and if lift there can grow through your new lawn.
  3. If your soil is not great for new lawn installation you can cultivate the soil with organic matter and then spread high-quality topsoil over it.
  4. You do not need to add new soil if you have good soil already just use a hoe on it and maybe bring underlay mix to even out the surface ready for your couch turf Sydney.
  5. You will need to work out how much soil you will need.


Working out how much you need

It is important to properly determine how much lawn and soil you will need because otherwise you could end with not enough, or too much and waste a lot of money. Here are some very handy tips on working out how much you need based on the shape of the lawn. To work out how much soil you need you should aim to have 1 cubic metre per 10 square metres. It is a good idea to work out your needs and then add another five or even ten percent to the order to be safe and ready for your kikuyu turf Sydney.


Laying out the turf

When you get your couch turf Sydney delivery you should lay it as soon as it is delivered so it does not dry out and die. It is important to lay it down in a brickwork pattern so that you can get the seams right up against the next roll and prevent gaps and weeds from growing through. When you order fresh turf it is often cut and delivered within 24 hours so that you can get the roots to dig down and the lawn can thrive. 


Leave a border for the lawn and for irregularly shaped areas use sharp shears to cut the turf so it fits into the shape you have. After you have finished laying the new turf it is a good thing to use a lawn roller on the turf to press it in. A water-filled one is even better as that new turf will need a lot of water. The roller helps to get the roots in touch with the soil and the lawn can reestablish itself more quickly.




Making the right preparations and learning how to do the job the right way will give you more chances of having success with your turf installation.

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